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Waves Acoustic EP
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Musician & Singer/Songwriter Søelle successfully fuses Rock/Soul/R&B together creating an edgy, captivating sound that is naturally her own. Introduced to various genres at an extremely young age, Søelle attributes much of her songwriting technique and inspiration much to her late father. She began songwriting as a young child to feel seen and heard while coping with childhood traumas and is an advocate of Music Therapy & Mental Health Awareness.  Multifaceted, Søelle is self-taught on piano, is classically trained in voice (5 languages) and has written every song in her discography. 

"I believe there is enough light for everyone to shine. When we show up as our authentic selves, it  empowers those around us to do the same. There is no one like you that can do what you do the way you do it. Keep Shining". -Søelle 

Søelle has utilized rich melodies, funky drum riffs, and rockin' guitar solos, in accompaniment with deep, meaningful lyrics to establish her unique style. As a musician, her soulful and effortless style has been influenced by a plethora of various Soul, R&B, Rock, and Hip-Hop artists, the most notable being: Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Sia, Citizen Cope, Alicia Keys, Eva Cassidy, Eric Clapton, John Legend, and J.Cole.

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